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Jul. 22nd, 2006 | 08:40 pm
posted by: physical_sex in slippery_nazi

What is your name? Kasey-Rebbeca but I'd prefer to be called Kasey.

Are you legal in France? No

Have you read any books on Albert Speer? I've read a few, yes.

How do you feel about Peter Francis Geraci? Who?

If a dog barked at you, what would you do? Nothing I could do. If it was my dog nothing because she always barks. I'd probably shout at it. But if it was a wild dog kick it square in the face.

What time is it? 20:43

What time is it in Tokyo? Fuck knows

Can you bite your own boobs? Er. . .I've never tried :/

Do you pick your nose? Depends

d0 u u53 int3rn3t typ3? 0bv. I 4m 1337 L0LZ0RZ

Can you recite the Russian national anthem backwards, in latin, and to the tune of Baby Got Back? Aye. Obviously.

Did you lie about that last one? Yes :/

What are you wearing? Er. . .A Pink Floyd Tshirt, jeans, Doc Martins

Under that? Miffy pants and a black bra :]

Has anyone ever told you that you have a uni-boob? No : |

Have you ever been the recipiant of the angsty, white-trash rubber chicken of friendship? Aye.

Can you make a chicken do the splits? I can do anything ;]

Has this little questionair made you not want to join? Nah.

What is your goal in this community? To learn more and meet new people.

What is the meaning of life? To get laid as many times as you can.

Have you ever obliterated a village? Aye (H)

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