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hallo Herr Bartlett!

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Aug. 18th, 2005 | 11:39 pm
mood: komputer on ecstasy
music: the doll house :: by Phil Ochs
posted by: ich_liebe_dichx in slippery_nazi

hallo, eim new! pahahahahaah!


What is your name? today its Giddy, but tomrrw it'll probly be Liza
Are you legal in France? non, but in Germany....JA!
Have you read any books on Albert Speer? ive read his mind
How do you feel about Peter Francis Geraci? hes my homesausage!  me und him had tea with the Queen of hearts last sunday! 
If a dog barked at you, what would you do? eat cabbage off a tree limb
What time is it? time for george bush to fuck himself uo with a nuCLLLEEar bomb
What time is it in Tokyo? time for all those japanese sonsabitches to be gassed to death
Can you bite your own boobs? thats whei mei nickname iss "Bubie"
Do you pick your nose? only on monday nights
d0 u u53 int3rn3t typ3? whoevr uses internet type needs to ceriouslei get laid
Can you recite the Russian national anthem backwards, in latin, and to the tune of Baby Got Back? while also balancing a spoon on my nose with a mouthful of pretzels.
Did you lie about that last one? a lie iss only as guten as teh Nazi who bangs teh lier
What are you wearing? my love life, my soul mate, and silk overalls
Under that? my soul and a couple of beaded chokers
Has anyone ever told you that you have a uni-boob? my conscience told me that yesterday! glad u noticed!
Have you ever been the recipiant of the angsty, white-trash rubber chicken of friendship? no but i leik chicken soup
Can you make a chicken do the splits? no but i kan cook it to make a delicious dinner
Has this little questionair made you not want to join? no its made me want to have hot sweaty wet dirty rough sex with Josef Goebbels
What is your goal in this community? to destroy the Statue of Liberty
What is the meaning of life? 136...either that or peanut butter...or maybe!  Mona Lisa's breath
Have you ever obliterated a village? the battery left on mei laptop iss 20%...

Comments {3}

From: ich_liebe_dichx
Date: Aug. 28th, 2005 10:20 pm (UTC)

geez im srry...i was kinda making a joke there, but *ugh* srry it was a REAL bad thing to say...again, sorry!

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From: acid_wash
Date: Sep. 3rd, 2005 05:44 pm (UTC)

quite alright

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