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Are you slippery enough?


ADULTish for all things slippery and nazi related
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All Members
Neo-Nazis not welcome (too primitive). We check.

Welcome!! Welcome!! Welcome!! To Slippery_Nazi!! The place where... yeah.... So... your first post in this community must be the following

What is your name?
Are you legal in France?
Have you read any books on Albert Speer?
How do you feel about Peter Francis Geraci?
If a dog barked at you, what would you do?
What time is it?
What time is it in Tokyo?
Can you bite your own boobs?
Do you pick your nose?
d0 u u53 int3rn3t typ3?
Can you recite the Russian national anthem backwards, in latin, and to the tune of Baby Got Back?
Did you lie about that last one?
What are you wearing?
Under that?
Has anyone ever told you that you have a uni-boob?
Have you ever been the recipiant of the angsty, white-trash rubber chicken of friendship?
Can you make a chicken do the splits?
Has this little questionair made you not want to join?
What is your goal in this community?
What is the meaning of life?
Have you ever obliterated a village?

*7w17(h*, 1337, abrasive cleaners, adolf hitler, african fertility gods, air dusters, albert speer, anatomy, battery acid, bed curtains, birds birds, blinds, bob ross, bodily functions, bohemianism, bucketsashit, buddah, burber carpeting, calendars, candle wax, cardboard tubes, ceiling fans, chains, chia pets, chinchillas, cloud watching, coke (not pepsi), crackers, curtains, deliberate spelling erors, der frau, dr. seuss, drug paraphenalia, electric kazoo, electrical outlets, eva braun, external hard drives, frau himmler, frau himmlering, friendship, geli raubal, gladiators, glass hands, gnomes, gongs, google, h2so4, hair spray, happy little trees, heavy mouth breathers, heinrich himmler, hermann goering, hinges, hitler, hobo-stab, hobo-stab insurance, idiodized salt, in soviet russia jokes, invisible braces, jesus (hay-soos), joseph goebbels, knots, little timmy, livejournal interests, lol, love, mendle, motorcycle gangs, naughty nazis, necrophilia (clinical), necrophilia (general), ninjas, obligatory lj interests, obliterating whole villages, organs (external), organs (general), organs (internal), our favorite universe, peta, peter francis geraci, pinky swears, plants, pokemon, pope on a rope, practicing our religion, pretty knots, printers, purile puffins, raw noodles, recycling, romance novels, rope bondage, rubber chickens, rudolf hess, sailboat underwear, satan, seran wrap, show tunes, skiing, snakes (general), snakes (on a nazi), snakes (on a plane), snakes (on crack), spatulas, spl-splo-sporks, spools, stephen and the colberts, strings, stumpy, syphilitics, taco bell, tasteful nude scenes, teen filled angst, the kookaburra song, the stinky cheese man, tin foil, tomatos, totoro, trampolines, ultra-rare sexual positions, uncle lewis, valuable life lessons, wax paper, whips, white trash, will smith, world domination, woven baskets